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Hi Beautiful!

Thank you so much for wanting to be part of the family. My name is Veena V, I've been a single mum for 8 years, got out of an abusive relationship and had extreme suicidal thoughts
I started Mum To Millionaire after feeling frustrated with not being able to find honest, realistic business & life advice. All I wanted was for someone to tell me the truth about making money and being a Mum!

What started off as just a podcast has now turned into meet ups and a real positive community that you can be part of

NEVER feel like you are alone because I promise someone else has been through what you have, they got through it and so can you

There's lots of things I've been through and I just hope you realise that you can change your life too

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What The Beautiful Mum To Millionaire family have to say

  • Enthusiasm is contagious and the meet ups are not short of enthusiasm! So welcoming and even the shyest people are put at ease and helped to connect with other amazing mumpreneurs. Listen to the podcasts! Watch the Youtube interviews! Come to a meet up! You'll be pleased you did x

    Emma-Jane Page Photographer, Tiny Toes Photography London
  • Oh my gosh! What a fantastic group of women! I came away absolutely wow'ed after my first mum to millionaire meet up Everyone was so friendly, so supportive and so lovely and not only that, Veena is such a wonderful lady - full of positivity and energy!

    Claire Smith Branding Expert, Brandplosion

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