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Help! Toddler Tantrums!

Hello VIPs! Take a watch of my toddler tantrum video – can you relate!? I would love to read your experiences of the ’embarrass your Mum tantrum’. My son is the king of tantrums and have learnt 5 golden things when dealing with a tantrum – read this before it is too late!

Still struggling with controlling your child’s tantrum? Here are another 5 things you NEED to know about toddler tantrums. Remember it’s mainly about staying calm and not making the situation worse.

Very unattractive picture of me, but you’ll understand about my face when you watch the video!

Hi beautiful. I'm Veena, the founder of Mum to Millionaire, you can read my personal storyhere. You are doing an amazing job as a mother and businesswomen - always remember that xx
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