GET A JOB – The importance of networking

The topic of returning to work affects every single mum and now it’s affecting more and more dads. When taking those steps to look for a new job, networking is very important. I am personally terrified of networking, I just find it all a little ‘oh look at me’! However, its not, and we all must value the importance of being a great networker. Your new job could just be a conversation away.

On this episode of VIP TV we’re talking to film-maker Gavin Bearfield -Boyd who lost his job and now looks after his two children whilst freelancing as a cameraman. I also speak to Majella Wilkins, Mum of two and an expert in preparing Mums in the transition from home to work life.

I asked Gavin ‘How do you juggle work and home life’ He replied ‘A very understanding wife.’ Awww that is so sweet and its great to have a strong partnership between a husband and wife. However, If you’re like me and are a single mum it’s even more difficult to juggle as we don’t have a partner to share the balance with! Ah!

If you are determined to get a job you can. I somehow manage to look after my son, freelance in the media industry and I have a part time job in the city. If I can do it, you can too! As Majella said in the video ‘you have to be very clear about what you want.‘ When job searching for part time employment I was very specific on what I wanted; a front of house job in the city of London, near a tube / train station with hours in the middle of the day so I could easily drop and pick up my son from nursery without stressing myself out!

It was hard to find but in the process of job hunting I didn’t waste time looking for something that I knew wouldn’t fit into my current lifestyle. Majella also states ‘start to build a profile of what you really enjoy, then you can start looking for jobs that suit that profile.’

I’ve always wondered if networking can actually get you a job but apparently it can! In fact a very high percentage of jobs are found through networking. Be confident and go to networking events – there are a lot of events you can go to and you never know what interesting people you may meet. Now I am not a good example, I don’t like networking, I rarely go to events / drinks and when I do go I end up finding out everything about everybody in the room but they know nothing about me! That’s possibly the presenter in me – always asking questions – but it doesn’t work to my advantage at all.

Things to remember about networking:

  1. Don’t be desperate
  2. Collaborate with people and be generous with your skills
  3. It’s not all about ‘take, take,take’ you have to ‘give’
  4. A contact you’ve made may not fruition into anything in the short term – so make sure you keep in touch with your new (and old) contacts – a new opportunity may present itself years down the line
  5. Don’t forget online networking. Join Linkedin and Twitter to explore ideas and new opportunities



Hi beautiful. I'm Veena, the founder of Mum to Millionaire, you can read my personal storyhere. You are doing an amazing job as a mother and businesswomen - always remember that xx
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