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#36: Going for your dreams on maternity leave

Alisha Raydan is a Mum of 2, specialist dietitian & author of the book Chopstix. I LOVE, love, love how positive Alisha is and how she genuinely wants other Mums to stay positive throughout motherhood and working.


Alisha’s number 1 tip for any Mumpreneur is to ‘really believe in yourself & believe you can achieve your dreams’


How Author Alisha Raydan did it & how you can too

  • Set REALISTIC goals within realistic times
  • If you don’t achieve something DON’T GIVE UP – Take a break & come back to it at a different time
  • Do a LITTLE everyday – It took Alisha 3 years to make her dream into a reality.
  • Whilst on maternity, Alisha found pockets of time when her children were napping & started writing ideas down. That’s how it all started. Get yourself a notebook and start writing all your ideas down
  • Keep going & don’t compare yourself to others



Here’s a video of how me and Alisha met – we were both featured on the BBC Asian Network

Are you releasing a product?

I love how Alisha is marketing her book – she gives away some free stuff with it.

Think about what inexpensive marketing materials you could give away to spread the word of mouth about your product.

Alisha’s book is called Chopstix and she gives chopsticks away with it with her branding on them. Also she gives a book magnet. Great idea.


mum motivation alisha raydan chopstix



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