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Presenter Amanda Hamilton tells Mums to ‘sweat the small stuff’

She’s a nutritionist, TV Presenter and busy businesswoman. If that’s not enough, Amanda Hamilton also has 4 children to look after! Find out how Amanda’s home birth didn’t go to plan, why Louise Redknapp replaced her on a hit TV show and why she lets her daughter go out in an Ariel outfit with cowboy boots….

Thank you for talking to Mum to Millionaire. Firstly, what did you enjoy the most about being pregnant?

The baby at the end! I am not the best at being pregnant, 9 months is a long time. However, I love the feeling of the baby kicking.


How did your 2nd pregnancy differ from the first?

Not so different really, I was just a bit bigger second time around. In terms of parenting I think knowing what to expect has made me much more relaxed.


How do you manage being a Mum, a busy TV Presenter and run your own business? We want to know your secrets….

A good husband is number 1, he is very hands on and we really do co-parent. Besides that, we have a visiting Au-pair for the ‘mad’ hours between 5.30 and 7.30 to help with the hurricane that hits the house when feeding four children! Most of all though, I’ve learnt not to sweat the small stuff. I used to have fraught weekends trying to get my wee girl to wear something ‘sensible,’ I’ve given up; if she wants to be Ariel in cowboy boots, I now just smile!

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I would love to see pictures of that! Louise Redknapp has recently replaced you on the BBC programme ‘Something for the weekend’. You were fantastic on there, so why did you leave a hit show?

I needed my weekends back after 3.5yrs! Because I live in Scotland I was away from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon since the show was live. Not much point having such a lovely family if the weekends are non-existent! I wish Louise well. Lots of other TV projects coming up though – just not every weekend!

Do you think woman can really have it all – the high flying career and a great home life?

At times, yes. I think a balance is really important though.

I enjoy working hard mainly because I see what I can bring in to my kids lives as a result.


What are your top 3 tips for losing weight after pregnany?

1.Eat only when hungry rather than when bored or tired.
2.Eat real food rather than fake food – avocados, nuts, oils etc all better than ‘diet’ foods as they are naturally satisfying
3.AND be kind to yourself – you just had a baby!!!!!


Amanda Hamilton presenter


When my son was 10 months old he had no teeth, I know some children don’t get teeth until 1 but I was still a little worried! In hindsight, what did you worry about?

My daughter is very petite and has never had a big appetite. However, as she has got older I’ve realised that its just the way she is – and she is super healthy. My son is the opposite. Kids are unique from the word go!


What’s your top parenting tip for the Mum to Millionaire family?

Look after yourself well so you can parent well. Most people forget that bit!


Thank you to Amanda Hamilton for taking time out of her hectic schedule to talk to us. We wish her lots of luck in all her parenting ventures. You can keep up to date with Amanda on her website


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