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I literally felt like crying after speaking to today’s amazing Business Mum. This is an incredible story of a woman who left a toxic relationship and was nearly left homeless at the age of 58. This Mumpreneur has 2 children, has created a 6 figure business and now runs woman’s network, Athena in central London.

Anyes Van Rhijn is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to change their life. It’s never too late to make your dreams come true and be happy

podcast for mums      podcast for mums


FOLLOW YOUR GUT: At 40 years old Anyes had a nagging feeling that their must be more to life

DON’T RUSH – INVEST IN YOURSELF: It took her 6 years to discover what is was she wanted to do. In this time she trained in many different areas

DON’T PLAY THE VICTIM: Rather than asking why her ex did certain toxic things – she is looked into herself and said ‘what part have I played in this’

WANT SUCCESS? Its all about your mindset. Don’t concentrate on the things that are going wrong in your life. Use your fear as a fuel to push yourself forward


Anyes Van Rhiyn mumpreneur




A single Mum with 2 children and taking on a demanding training course – Anyes Van Rhijn fitted everything in by waking up earlier. Get into the habit of waking up before the kids



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