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#28 What does it take to turn your blog into a BUSINESS

If you want a REAL & HONEST insight into the world of blogging then you are in for a massive treat

Mums of 1, Sally Whittle has been blogging for a decade (wow!) and is the founder of who’s the mummy blog, Tots 100 & The Mad blog awards – a highly successful event & blogging chart that connects parent bloggers with brands


podcast for mums        podcast for mums


The best Mum to Millionaire podcast episodes are when the guest is totally honest and give so much value & that’s what Sally Whittle does

What does it take to turn your hobby blog into a fully fledged business? You’re about to find out……


Making money from blogging

  • You’ve heard it a million times but yep it’s so important – CONTENT. How can your blog help people do something faster, cheaper or better?
  • Know what brands you want to work with & pitch appropriately
  • Treat your blog as a business from the start


Take advantage of those early months of blogging and try new things – see what works for you – what do you enjoy blogging about & what is easy. THEN blogging will never feel like a chore



I asked the ‘Who’s the Mummy’ blogger how can we really succeed in the world of blogging – how on earth did that mummy blogger down the road become so successful? Here’s Sally top observations from the thousands of bloggers she knows


  • They know who they are & what their blog is really about


  • The most successful bloggers HUSTLE hard – they treat their blog as a business from the beginning


  • Top bloggers have a consistent tone across all social media, the same style of images & are posting consistently


  • They guest post, they get themselves in the media, they get offline and tell people about their blog – they do everything they can do get people to read their blog


Blogging for business blogging tips with tots 100 sally whittle



  • The little things – put your blog url in your email signature, get active on social media


  • Successful bloggers are themselves & invest in their blog


  • They realise that there is NO SECRET to being a top blogger! You need to work hard


  • Successful bloggers look at their analytic’s for social media & their blog & then TAKE ACTION on what their analytical data says


  • They DON’T WASTE TIME looking at what other bloggers are doing & obsess over it – they look at other blogs for inspiration but then work hard on their own blog


The difference between a hobby blogger and a pro blogger is that they are professional – they meet all deadlines, they are consistinet, they photos & writing are high quality and they hustle hard

Really want to turn your blog into a business? Then treat it like a BUSINESS





Sally Whittle’s Blog ‘Who’s the mummy’ & hub for parent bloggers Tots 100

Sally’s productive tip – Use automation tools like If This Then That

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