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#58 Build Your Brand: Success Tips with Apprentice Star, Bianca Miller

How do you build your brand and bring your products out into the market when there’s thousands of other business enthusiasts trying to do the same?

Luckily, we have  Bianca Miller on the show today to talk about how to build a successful brand! Bianca is the owner of Bianca Miller London nude hoisery. Back in 2014, she barely missed out on winning the hit London business show, the Apprentice.

Bianca believes in the importance of personal branding, especially in today’s world where there is so much noise.

“You need to be able to come beyond that noise and the way you do that is by having a unique message. Think about how you want to be perceived both face to face and online.”


build your brand

So how did she do that?

Having had an immense amount of publicity from The Apprentice definitely helped, but Bianca still had to work hard to stay above the noise.

Bianca’s Tips on How to Build Your Brand Online

💜 Have a product or service that’s innovative, something that will potentially service a niche environment that other brand has not done yet.

💜 The best way to build your brand and your brand notoriety is by building your network and maintaining a good presence through the help of brand ambassadors. Although it’s important to build your professionalism online, you also need to build the people around you, those who are happy to promote your product in your behalf.

💜 Networking is often misunderstood, people think going into a networking event only involves collecting business cards  that you never do anything with anyways, but you will gain so much more if you actually spend more time building relationships.

💜 Finally, for all the young entrepreneur out there, here’s one piece of advice: Think of a great  concept and go for it!

Ultimately, you just have to go out there and don’t be scared to approach people.

If you asked 100 different people something, 99 people might say no, but that one person might say yes and that could drastically change something in your business – so keep going, never give up. 


Connect with Bianca on Twitter or you can check out her website!



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