Challenges of autism

Suicide & Autism Through A Mother’s Eyes

Autistic Children deserve better. Parents of autistic children deserve better. Today we listen to a story of a family that have been fighting for 18 years and the devasting effects of what can happen when a child with autism and other additional needs are not supported.

Marie Martin, Mum of 1 from Derbyshire, is a true warrior Mum. Giving up a £50,000 job to fight all the challenges that come with raising an autistic child. These amazing children and families don’t get failed once, they get failed over and over again. It’s hard, to sum up, 18 years of fighting against the system and 18 years of unbelievable failures in one podcast episode.

Listening to Marie’s and her son’s Zak story will leave you with the questions ‘Why did this happen’ ‘Why are these children being treated differently’ ‘Why are mothers having to fight to get simple help and support’


Marie was laughed out of the doctors when she took her son to the GP at 18 months old as she could feel something wasn’t right. Later in childhood, a pediatrician told Marie to ‘get on with her life as her son would never amount to anything’

Zak attended a mainstream primary school which unfortunately broke down, he then got a part-time place at a special educational needs school. He was then out of school for a year. Finally, he went to a private autism school but Zak was being sick on the way to school out of anxiety and that placement broke down too.

All of these experiences impacted Zak and Marie. One day Zak told his Mum he was planning to take his own life. I’m tearing up writing that sentence. No mother wants to hear those words. Unfortunately, this is the reality that thousands of mothers are facing in the UK right now.

What we cover in this episode

  • Supporting a child with Autism, ADHD, Trauma, Tics, Pathalogical Demand Avoidance, Severe Anxiety
  • The hardship and constant challeneges of bringing up a child with autism and additional needs
  • Why parents who ‘fight’ for their child are labelled as problematic
  • Opening up about Autism and the stigma surrounding the neurodiversity
  • The shocking way people in authority speak to parents
  • The heartbreaking day that Marie’s son told her he was planning to take his own life
  • Why we must think outside the box for our neurodiverse children

Remember, this is just one Mum and her son having to deal with all these failings of the system. With so much darkness does come light.

The strong shining light in Marie’s case was a company called Costain and National Highways, they both gave her son purpose and support that he desperately needed

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The journey is tough but your child chose you for a reason – YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE MUM

Thank you so much to Marie, an unsung hero, paving the way for other warrior Mums

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