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#51 How To Start A Beauty Business With Chanel Ambrose

In this Mum To Millionaire podcast interview you will find out how to start a beauty business. Beautiful Youtuber Chanel Ambrose is Mum to 1, wife and a determined Mumpreneur. I love how passionate and real she is.

Chanel Ambrose is building her own beauty brand and she talks honestly about how she has done it. Plus you will be shocked about how some people judge her.

I keep saying this, as Mums we need to stop judging each other and find ways how we can support instead. You can watch my ‘Stop Judging Other Mums’ video on the Mum To Millionaire youtube channel



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  • Find a great manufacturer. Don’t just go with whoever has the lowest unit cost. For the YT CLUB Tripod I paid a much higher unit cost as I chose a higher quality tripod and the customer service was better than other factories


  • JUST START! If you don’t get your product / beauty brand out there how are you ever going to know how to improve it? Chanel Ambrose made her first batch of beauty brushes, then improved and adapted them for her next batch


  • Use social media to your full advantage; Take your username on every single social media even if you don’t use it right now. Chanel Ambrose beauty brand name wasn’t taken when she first thought of her business idea, but never registered it. After a year when she was ready to launch someone had already taken her name, so she had to use a variation of usernames.Its always much better to have the same username on ALL platformsHOW TO START A BEAUTY BUSINESS CHANEL AMBROSE


  • Send your product to bloggers and youtubers to review. Most will do it for free IF they like the product. Build a relationship with them first and don’t push your product on to them!


  • Chanel stresses its not important to have a launch party, instead after a year have a mini event to celebrate your beauty brand’s progress


I hope these tips help you to start thinking about how you can start a beauty business. The key message of this podcast episode is to invest time into actually building a BRAND and utlise the power of youtube, live streaming and social media

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  • Check out Chanel’s beauty business – Amby Rose






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