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#34: FIVE easy ways to lose weight & feel mentally fantastic!

From stay at home Mum to earning £5 an hour in her 30s to successful fitness entrepreneur

Dal Dhaliwal is a Mum to 3 beautiful daughters. I love her journey and she is just so stunning inside and out. You are going to feel totally inspired after this episode.

Dal had her children in her 20s, stayed at home for 7 years, she then went back to college in her 30s and got a job in the gym working for just £5 an hour.

She now runs her own successful gym for women and has many more projects in the pipeline.

P.S Myself and Dal became aware of each other after both being featured fabulous women on the BBC – you can watch my video diary below


Easy ways to lose weight & feel mentally fantastic!



Break down your goal! Take small steps. Don’t try and lose weight quickly

Throw your scales away – Don’t be a slave to the numbers.



Listen to motivational audio books, stay away from negative people, don’t bottle up your own negative feelings – tell someone about it or write it down. Don’t be ashamed to seek professional help – a life coach or personal trainer may really benefit you.


lose weight tips for mums dal dhaliwal



If you want to lose weight you need to get enough sleep! This is when your body repairs itself and rests. ALSO don’t over do the exercise. You don’t need to do exercise everyday, give yourself a break.



You can do as much exercise as you want but you need to sort out the food you consume! Make gradual changes like switching from white to brown bread. If you really can’t bear to switch then try switching your pasta or rice instead.


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Everyday write down what you did – this will keep you motivated and you can look back over the year to see how you’ve been improving your life.

REMEMBER make small steps everyday – One day you might drink 2 more glasses of water, a week later you may start going for a 30 minute walk. Write it all down


Mum to Millionaire



If you’ve never trained before then start with walking, just get out the house and go for a power walk. Keep away from anything that may make you feel down i.e glossy magazines.

FOCUS ON YOURSELF and concentrate on being the best version of yourself



  • Thank you so much to business Mum, Dal Dhaliwal – Founder of Body Perfect




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