how to deal with divorce

#64 Dealing With Divorce: SURVIVE & THRIVE

It’s a first on the Mum To Millionaire podcast,

the topic of how to deal with divorce. It’s such a tricky subject to talk about, its highly personal, emotional and is heightened when kids are involved

I was never married to the father of my child and have been a single mum for 8 years now. So to give you some real heart felt advice on how to cope with divorce the fabulous Harriet Waley-Cohen is on hand to share her experience



Harriet Waley-Cohen is a gorgeous single mum of 2 and empowers women to be in complete partnership with themselves in every aspect of their lives. She wants to help you to become even more fabulous than you already are!

If you are currently going through a separation please look after yourself and know that you are not alone. You deserve an amazing life, so keep going and know you are doing the right thing xx








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