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East Sussex Mum, Debbie Silvester on ‘Redundancy to running her own HR Consultancy!’

Beautiful Business Mum: Debbie Silvester, Mum of 2 from Near Lewes, East Sussex

Business: HR Consultancy – Eckington HR

Inspirational quote: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m Possible”! – Audrey Hepburn


Congratulations to Debbie for being Mum of the Month – I love her focus and outlook on life. Debbie lives in the present, uses her time well and is living her dreams – well done Debbie!

Running a business is hard work but we should all remember why we started doing it in the first place


Why did you start your business?

I had been working at Legal & General for over 20 years and was made redundant in a restructure.  I had been in the HR team and wanted to continue working in the professional field that I was trained and qualified in.  However, I also wanted to continue to be a mum to my two boys,  my youngest was about to start reception class at school and I was working part time over 5 short days.  At the time the only HR roles in my area were full time positions.  I decided to go it alone and set up my own HR consultancy – that was back in 2011 and I haven’t looked back since!


What’s been your biggest challenge with working and raising a family and how did you overcome it?

As the boys have grown older, it’s become easier! Personally, it’s been much better for me working for myself and raising the family than it was being employed.  I am able to set my own targets and deadlines and I don’t need to ask anybody’s permission to take time out to go to Sports day or the Christmas Carol concert!  I work at home, although I don’t find this a distraction – I guess I’m quite a focused and self-motivated person.


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What’s the best business tip you’ve been given on starting your own business?

Research your market and start as you mean to go on. Also, people buy people, so get out there and network! I came from a very corporate background and didn’t know any small businesses locally.  I took myself off to networking events and kept going – I still do.  All my initial clients came from networking events and now it’s a mixture of networking and client referrals.


What’s your favourite business tool?

I couldn’t do without my laptop and my subscription to the law website I use for my base contracts and legal updates.


Is there something you’ve learnt as a Mum that you’ve implemented into your business?

Time is precious, use it well.  And don’t worry about the things that you can’t influence or change.


What’s your ultimate goal?

To run a successful HR Consultancy that fits in with my family life! Maybe when the boys have grown up I may expand, but right now I’m happy with how things are.  I do believe in goals, but my goal for the next few years is balancing my family and my business.

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What does success mean to you?

Work life balance and providing professional HR consultancy. Nobody ever died saying that they wished they’d spent more time working!


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