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#1 Discover the mindset of a Billionaire & Welcome to the 1st podcast!

WE ARE LIVE! Welcome to the first ever episode of the Mum to Millionaire podcast. I’m so excited that you are here and I can’t wait for you to be inspired and empowered.

I’m guessing you’re here because you want to grow your business whilst spending quality time with your kids. You don’t need to struggle anymore, I’m here to help you. There are thousands of parents just like you who want to change their lives, so high fives for taking that first step!



  • Find out about my struggles with work, childcare, life and the real reason why I set up this blog and podcast
  • My son makes his podcast debut too!



What one thing will you implement after listening to this podcast? Make  sure you let me know in the comments below, would love to hear from you.

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The little things like this will help Mum to Millionaire grow and help even more Mums and Dads across the world – yes I am on a mission and I hope you are too!

 Mum to Millionaire Podcast

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Be Confident, Be Brave, Be You – Thank you for being part of the Mum to Millionaire journey

Veena xx



To compliment my podcasts I have videos documenting my business journey. Head over to my youtube channel to watch behind the scenes here at Mum to Millionaire


  1. Gavin Bearfield-Boyd

    Shame to see it gone, fun times. Hail to Mum to Millionaire. Let me know Veena if I can be of service for your clients. Graphic design, Photography, Broadcast Commercials. Oh Yeah!

  2. Susan Ing-Simmons

    I edit, publish and distribute a magazine aimed at families, called Raring2go! I also have a Facebook page (and hopefully soon a website) called Healthy Business Women. I am full-time Mum of three (only one is still at home though), part-time Editor, know a fair bit about promoting and marketing your business online and off and I’m a volunteer radio Presenter – feel free to come and join me on my radio show on community radio station, Marlow FM as guest host one Friday lunchtime.

  3. Nicola

    I remember you creating!…..onto the next journey. Good luck. Hope this new adventure works out well!! Great catching name!

  4. Fantastic Sue – thank you for getting in touch and it’s great to see you doing lots of different things with 3 kids – WOW. What a lovely offer – would love to. Emailing you very soon x

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