Mum to Millionaire

#11 My first epic fail in my business so far!

Horray I’ve made it to the first 6 weeks of my business! Big hug to you if you’ve achieved something in your business or personal life too – please do share in the comments below this post xx

Okay so what has been happening in the world of Mum to Millionaire so far?


  • I’ve interviewed 20 incredible business Mums for the podcast and have guests booked in for the next 3 months!
  • Remember when you launch anything it’s really important to do RESEARCH! So I’ve spoken with a further 30 Mumpreneurs over the phone or in person to really understand what Mums are struggling with in their businesses whilst raising their children
  • The Mum to Millionaire podcast has been featured as ‘New & Noteworthy’ by itunes (yay!)
  • I’ve set up my business Instagram account and have 250 lovely followers so far – come and say hi


Mum to Millionaire podcast



My plan for the last 6 weeks was to LAUNCH and drive people to the podcast on itunes – everything I did revolved around making sure everyone knew I have a podcast and you could listen to it on itunes or your iphone.

One thing I really want people to do it subscribe to the podcast – if you don’t want to miss a show, please click here to subscribe (I will love you forever and I will even offer to babysit your children!)

Another goal was to book great podcast guests – it wasn’t my intention to get booked up for the next 3 months but it just shows if you focus on one goal at a time YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING


Motivation for Mums




I really go into this in the podcast but here’s a brief overview! Since launching my whole aim was to get people to subscribe to the podcast on itunes (as explained above) I thought to really boost this I would put on a massive competition.

I teamed up with a top salon in London to offer one lucky Mum a luxurious makeover and facial – I promoted the competition hardcore on ALL social media platforms, the blog, email, texting all my contacts in my phone book AND even contacting local press

I spent so much time promoting the competition – NO ONE ENTERED!

So in true business style I changed the competition – I thought, maybe people don’t know how to subscribe to the podcast SO instead all you would need to do is like the Mum to Millionaire facebook page and email me a reason why you should win.

mum makeover


YESSSSSSSS – I got an email – 2 people have entered – horray!

Noooooooooooooooooo – these people can’t win because I know them!


Business is all about trail and error – something doesn’t work then tweak it and try again – and sometimes business is all about timing

In my case it was a mixture of both of those things



So learning from my epic fail it’s time to continue with the next phase of my business….

Now Mum to Millionaire has launched, the blog is running, I’m in a routine of recording a weekly podcast – now it’s time to start making money!

Over these next 6 weeks I am going to

  • Launch a free course all about how to get started on Instagram

Instagram tips


  • Create a paid course called ‘The ultimate beginners guide to youtube’ showing businesses how to record great quality videos even if you have no experience in filming or editing


  • Continue to promote the podcast – once I hit 10,000 downloads of the podcast I want to concentrate on getting sponsorship – another revenue stream.


Please let me know in the comments below what you are working on over the next few weeks – what are one of your goals? Have you ‘failed’ at anything? If there is anything I can do to help you please let me know 


Follow all my fails, achievements, challenges (and tears!) on social media




And remember take action TODAY – Not tomorrow!

Be confident, Be Brave, Be You

Veena V xx

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