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Exercise During Pregnancy (AUDIO)

On the pregnancy show this week, we talk to Physiotherapist Nicola Schie & Exercise expert Vicky Warr. We explore what exercise we should avoid as soon as we find out we`re pregnant, what exercises we can do at home and what exactly is this pelvic floor everyone keeps talking about!



  • Ensure that you always remain well hydrated before, during and after exercise
  • Do practice pelvic floor exercises throughout your pregnancy
  • Consult a physiotherapist or another medical professional if you start to experience any back pain


  • Don’t start any new form of exercise once you know you are pregnant & stop doing exercise lying on your back after the first trimester


  • Don’t exercise in humid or hot environments in order to prevent overheating


  • Don’t continue any exercise if its uncomfortable or if you are suffering from any of the following: Bloody or fluid vaginal discharge, Sudden or severe abdominal pain, Chest pain, Shortness of breath, Severe headaches, Dizziness, Vision becomes blurred, Calf pain or swelling, Decreased foetal movement


  • Don’t over stretch your muscles or ligaments or do sit-ups


  • Don’t do activities which demand balance and a sudden change of direction, like cycling and skiing




Pregnancy yoga was a great way to help me relax and keep fit, I used to go to some really nice group sessions in central London after work.

It was really great for me to not think about anything and have that one hour of peace!

If you go to normal pregnancy classes make sure you let the instructor know your pregnant as there are some poses you shouldn’t be doing

Sending you so much positivity for your pregnancy,

Veena V xx


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