Life as a Mum can be stressful and can literally take over the life we had before, but you need to remember to still focus on your dreams and yourself.

Life coach Anita Dhanjal tells us that it’s absolutely possible for Mums to achieve their goals. We shouldn’t loose sight of our goal and what we want to do.


  1. WRITE IT DOWN – Get yourself a nice notebook and write all your ideas down. It’s important to write everything down so its concrete and you can look at it and review it everyday. Otherwise it’s just thoughts floating around in your mind.
  2. DREAM BOARD – Stick pictures of everything you want in your life onto a piece of paper or a board – I brought a large noteboard from the 99p shop 🙂 On my dream board I’ve got pictures of companies I want to work for, my dream house, marriage etc. Look at this every day to motivate yourself so you keep working towards your dreams.

Remember the law of attraction – The things that you FOCUS on are the things that you are going to get back. Keep focusing on your dreams AND working towards them and one day they WILL become your reality. The more relevance you give to it, the more energy and time you give to it the more you will get back.

Its all about having gratitude and staying focused. Your thoughts and feelings need to be aligned with what you want. Remember to say THANK YOU for everything you have. Be grateful that you have a healthy child, food, clean water and a roof over your head.

Also it’s very important to stay away from negative people. Surround yourself with successful and inspirational people who are positive and happy. This will motivate you further and make you want to work harder.

Just because your a Mum doesn’t mean your life goals have to be terminated. Learn how to be a positive Mum, keep working hard towards what you want and always focus on your dreams.


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