Halloween on a budget

I’ve never really been into Halloween because I’ve never seen the point to it, even as a child. Also its become so commercial and is another way for companies to make a lot of money. I’m hoping my three year old takes the same view as me!

If you are into Halloween and want your children to have some fun (I suppose it is only once a year and I have to admit my son did have fun exploring all the spooky products) ASDA have a great range of products and most importantly you can actually throw a mini party for your little ones on a budget.

I always like to buy things that you can use again after. This jar full of sweets ‘Gruesome Gummy Bats’ are £2 and once your little monsters have devoured the treats you can use the jar for something else! A classic thing my Mum would do is use it to put curry powder or spices in, I think I’ll use it to put my son’s pens in or even fill it with sweets for Christmas. Yes, I just said CHRISTMAS! Sorry I had to mention it, it is only 2 months away now.

Other Halloween goodies from ASDA include;

  • Paper plates and cups £1
  • Plastic Pumpkin £1
  • Glow in the dark stickers £1

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