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Presenter Holly Willoughby ‘Yes I have a nanny!’

Finally a celebrity admits they have a nanny! The ‘This morning‘ presenter said live on TV ‘Yes I have a nanny, I can’t leave a 9 month old by herself!’

Holly Willoughby, Mum of 3, also later added in a magazine interview her nanny was ‘brilliant’ and she ‘couldn’t do anything without her’

Mumpreneur, Holly Willoughby has always been my favourite presenter and I always wondered how on earth she manages three children, a clothing line and a full-time job hosting one of the most popular daytime shows in the UK. The yummy mummy admitted on ‘This Morning’ today that she has a nanny, the comments came after the news of Gwyneth Paltrow saying that Mums should stay at home.

Now Gwyneth is always feeding us comments on how to be the ‘ideal’ mother and wife but is she forgetting to tell us that she has help to be a supermum! (Now, maybe she has no help. If this is true I will go back to my room and cry myself to sleep thinking how I can also be a supermum like her!)

Holly Willoughby Nanny

After Holly revealing she does have help in her life from a nanny and her husband I feel so much better, because celebrities rarely talk about hiring nannies or having childcare. We are under the illusion that we should be juggling everything as perfectly as them. So, now I’m going to give myself a break once in a while.

Hmmmm time to go to the kitchen and make myself a nice cup of hot chocolate and eat a nice fatty chocolate muffin I think.

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