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#48 How Do You Make An App AND Make Money From It

Ever wondered how do you make an app? Yes so have I! I’ve also wondered how on earth you can make money from creating an app and how do you even start the app development process

This episode of the Mum To Millionaire podcast features Mum of 1, Kayleigh Oliver. She works in the corporate world full time AND develops her own apps on her commute to work and whilst her baby is sleeping. This is what I LOVE – time management at its finest – Go Kayleigh!


It really does seem that everyone’s making apps these days. But what’s actually involved in making an app? Are they very expensive or time consuming?  

Kayleigh breaks down the stages involved in creating an app.


  • Be clear on your idea.  Your idea should focus on something specific you want to achieve or a problem you want to solve for yourself, a niche group or the general public.


  • Validate it by asking people from your target audience their opinion on your idea.  If you’re not a social butterfly try and talk to friends of friends, colleagues at work or online groups such as Facebook groups or forums.


  • Talk to other app developers – you’ll be surprised to know that a lot of people will want to help you and give advice. Kayleigh Oliver, the wonderful Mumpreneur on this episode of the podcast is always willing to help. Plus remember google is your bestfriend, a simple search for things like how do you make an app or how to build an app will get you lots of good tips



how do you make an app digital mum kayleigh oliver



  • Design it and create a prototype using tools as simple as pen and paper or high quality such as Photoshop images. Contact me if you need any help putting a working prototype together (no coding required!)


  • Document every detail about your app.  What colours you want to use, what each button does, the monetisation method everything.  


  • Develop it either by using your own skills or outsource the development.  Check out Kayleigh’s links below for what company she recommends and uses herself


  • Test your app when it’s complete. Everything should function just as you detailed. If it doesn’t, send it back to be developed again.


  • Release it once you get it back.  Sign up for developer accounts with the appropriate app stores, gather your metadata and screenshots,  schedule your app release and upload the build.


That’s it! Not as hard as you thought right? Now you no longer have to wonder ‘how do you make an app’ you can now TAKE ACTION and go and start the app development process.

Be aware that when doing anything new there are always learning curves but hopefully these tips help you on your journey. 

Mum to Millionaire


  • THANK YOU to Kayleigh Oliver – Get her app Renew Me for FREE. Sign up to her mailing list, then email Kayleigh asking for a free code.
  •  Outsourcing App Kayleigh uses B7Dev – (mention Junction 5 Studios or Kayleigh Oliver to get a 10% discount on your development projects with Chaim and his team)


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