How to be a POSITIVE MUM

When my son is embarrassing me in front of hundreds of people in a packed shopping center by lying on the floor and not moving, I do think to myself I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE!

As a Mum I want to fulfill my dreams and ambitions more than ever (especially to stop my mind from going over the these horrible toddler tantrums!) Life coach Anita Dhanjal talks to us about how we can stay positive and still go out there and get what we want.

When I became a Mum I felt I lost a lot of confidence. It’s important to remember who we are away from being ‘Mum.’ Take time for yourself and do activities that you used to do, even dressing up and putting make up on can make a big difference in how you feel.

How to be a positive Mum

  • It’s all about planning – allocate time for the children and special events but also time for you to go out and socialize.
  • Getting out of your same routine will give you fresh energy and good vibrations, which will have a positive impact on your children.
  • If you’re thinking good things and being positive your going to behave positively.
  • Remember to be grateful. You have a healthy child, clean water, food – some people don’t have these things that we take for granted
  • Do things that make you happy!
  • Focus on your dreams – you’re an amazing Mum but it is also possible for you to have an amazing career.


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