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#50 How To Become Successful In Life with Lisa Hawkyard

We all search for those magical success tips, trying to find the secrets to become successful in life. The secret is….there is no secret!

If you want to attract success you need to start with YOU. Take time to work on yourself and your mindset. We’ve got an amazing lady on the show today, Lisa Hawkyard is a Mum of 2, Stepmum of 1 & mindset coach to the stars!

Something which you’ll find even more astonishing is that Lisa is Mum to superstar UK singer & winner of X Factor, Louisa Johnson.

But why even mention this?

I want people to understand that behind every star and success story, there are key people helping them along their journey. Lisa did some important things with her daughter that set her foundation for success and now we have Lisa sharing these tips with you!






  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: Don’t forget to think about what YOU want in life. If you are happy being a stay at home Mum – DO IT. Just because other Mums want to start businesses, doesn’t mean you have to. Same goes for working mums, if you want to work, don’t feel guilty about that! I recently made this video all about judging, please watch & share this message!



  • ACKNOWLEDGE HOW GREAT YOU ARE: Write down everything you do in a day, you’ll be amazed at how many things you actually accomplish


  • MAP YOURSELF ON OTHER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE: How did Beyonce become Beyonce!? Find out what they did, how they did it, did they have specific people as a connection, did they learn a specific skillset?


  • IF YOU DON’T ASK, THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO: I alway ask people, yes you need to be brave, but what is the worst that can happen? If you never try, you will always be stuck in the same place


  • DON’T BE SCARED OF KNOCKBACKS: You may get hundreds of rejections but have faith and stay positive. By putting yourself out there you are getting closer to success even if it doesn’t feel like it


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