#27 The keys to building a successful BRAND

I actually met SuperMum this week!

Vee Roberts is Mum of 4 and CEO of Insight2Marketing – I was in awe of how Vee manages 4 children, her business & still makes time for herself (something which we all need to do) She’s knowledgeable, confident in her brand and I love her passion to genuinely help people.

Vee used to be a single mum, she couldn’t afford going to networking events and had no childcare in place – therefore she decided to create her own networking events! I love when people TAKE ACTION & overcome challenges – I really want YOU to do the same. I know this episode will really inspire you


If you want to build a successful brand – it’s going to take tons of strategic hard work. Remember a brand is more than just an amazing looking logo – it’s your online presence, colours you use, tone of voice, your consistency on and offline.

If you really are passionate about learning how to build a brand from scratch you are definitely in the right place.




  • Most important key point when building a successful brand is – Understand what your purpose is & key message

Vee’s brand values are giving ‘straight forward, affordable, simple solutions to people’ – this key purpose for her business then trickles down into everything she does


  • Create unique, original images – Stay away from clipart and stock photos.


  • Use a consistent tone of voice & easily identifiable logo


  • Make sure everything you say, eat & breathe responds back to your brand


  • Have a strong online presence – think of it as your own shop front


Business Mum Vicky Warr fitness on Mum to millionaire podcast build a brand online

How to build your brand online – How one Mumpreneur successfully created a membership site


  • Content marketing strategy is critical to how to build a brand – Have a blog, give people a reason to keep coming back to your website. Make sure your content is red hot & that you are talking directly to your audience.


  • Collect people’s email addresses right from the START


  • Tell your story – people will warm to you and ultimately this WILL build your brand


mumpreneur vee roberts tips for building a successful business and brand


  • KEEP IT CONSISTENT IN EVERYTHING YOU DO – Use the same font, colours, messages, style of images


  • Create brand guidelines for anyone that is working with your business – straplines you use, how many CM your logo should be, the exact colours you use. This will make sure everyone is on the same page and people actually understand what your brand and business stand for.


YOU CAN BUILD A BRAND BY YOURSELF but if you haven’t got the passion for designing then hire a specialist


– Understand what you stand for & what is your story
– Write down your purpose, where do you want to be 5 years from now, what are your financial and non-financial objectives


THANK YOU so much to Vee Roberts for her invaluable tips on how to build a brand. I’m going to cry! So much realistic advice and a real insight into the world of marketing & branding. Frickin love this episode! 

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