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#53 5 Ways To Build A Powerful Online Community

Wanna know the secret to having success in building an online community?

Today we have Vanessa French Fitness on the show to share with us five effective ways to building an online community. Vanessa is a Fitness Entrepreneur and mum to two beautiful daughters, she also competes in bikini competitions (wow!)


Vanessa started her business after quitting her day job, mainly because she got tired of having to pay for childcare. She knew there’s a better way where she can be happier (and where the whole family are not all stressed out!)

Her passion for fitness has suddenly opened a new path for her. Vanessa French Fitness put herself through an online personal training diploma course, got qualified for that and then slowly built up her business. 

She found her first clients by physically going out, putting ads in the paper, and even placing leaflets in offices.


Vanessa’s Tips on building online communities

1. Know Your Market

Vanessa makes sure that when she is advertising, she is talking about her brand in a way that would interest the people that she’s trying to target and that she is speaking to them in their language.


2. Use the Power of Facebook and Facebook Ads.

One great thing about Facebook ads is you can really target your specific market.


Why Facebook?

  • Vanessa feels the most comfortable marketing on this platform
  • Facebook is mainly where her  target market is found
  • Other platforms such as Youtube seemed a bit complicated for her


3. Consistency

Putting up Facebook live videos regularly has pushed Vanessa to stay on top of her game and be consistent in her efforts.

Being consistent goes a long way. It’s not just the case of posting a video and letting people go for the day, you’ve also got to keep the people in your community engaged. You need to be consistent in being there for your audience, they have to know that they can come to you and that you will take the time to respond to their emails and messages.

In order to feed her passion, Vanessa gets her inspiration from other entrepreneurs. She joined entrepreneurial groups on Facebook,  listens to business podcasts, inspirational women, and audiobooks. 


4. Build Relationships

When she started her online bootcamp, Vanessa knew she wanted to create a community feel where people are talking and interacting with each other. She encouraged people to share their achievements and failures.

“I think the more difficult you make it, the harder it is to grow your business”

As part of building the relationship with people, Vanessa asked members of her online community what they wanted.


5. Have passion for what you do

Vanessa’s main purpose in her business is to help women as much as she possibly can.

Her advice is to invite all your friends and family to join your community, and then let it grow through word of mouth. Even though you’re not selling directly on the group, they’ll eventually know you’re the go-to person on certain topics.


fitness entrepreneur

Additional Tips

When to Post

The important thing to remember on Facebook are times. When you put your post up you need to be doing it at peak times when people are checking their phones, otherwise, it is wasted content.

Peak times for Posting:

  • 6-7 AM
  • Lunch time from 12-2
  • Anytime in the evenings.


Overcoming Self-doubt

Overcoming self doubt means overcoming your fears.

Vanessa did a lot of book reading about mindset, having a positive attitude and having the energy that made people warm up to her and want to come to her.


Time Management

Vanessa keeps a 12-week planner where she sets her goals for 12 weeks and then she sets her weekly goals. Everyday she writes down three things that are going to be most productive for her to do that day to move forward on her business and she tries her best to meet them.


Have you tried any of the tips Vanessa mentioned in this podcast? Share your thoughts below!




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