#26 The fastest way to create an online course

So you want to create an additional income stream, want to share your knowledge with others and ultimately want to put an online course together?
Problem is you haven’t got a clue where to get started
Well fear not – you have come to the right place! Today on the podcast we are joined by John Colley, Dad of 1, Step Dad to 2 and an expert in all things online training.


John will walk you through step by step how to create an online course. He specializes in an online training marketplace called Udemy which has more than 7 million students on there. John has published 15 online courses and has had more than 550,000 downloads of his podcast.


So we are in great hands! I love John’s realistic tips & I call him the clever marketer. Listen to find out why and you’ll also pick up tons of tips to get you started creating your online course today.

In the podcast we talk a lot about Udemy but you do not have to use this website to sell your courses. As you will hear John using many clever techniques to sell his courses. I have some courses on Udemy but concentrate my marketing efforts on building my brand through my own sites.



Follow this 5 step structure when creating your online courses;
Planning – Production – Publishing – Platform – Promotion


Answer the pain of your customers – Who are you writing the course for

When putting together my youtube course I went onto facebook groups and asked my target market what they needed help with to get them started on youtube

John Colley suggests going onto Reddit and Quora & seeing what people are asking questions about to know what to include in your course

john colley create a successful online udemy course



You don’t have to spend lots of money on creating your online course.

Record your laptop screen by using software programmes like Camtasia or Screenflow

You can buy very good quality USB microphones for around £50



  • Set your price. John recommends around $97 or $149 on Udemy as they are known for heavily discounting courses to students from time to time
  • Put keywords in your course title and URL – don’t forget about SEO
  • If selling online courses on your own website then get trusted customers and friends to test it out first. We talked more about this in the Mum to Millionaire podcast episode ‘Ways to build your brand online’

Business Mum Vicky Warr fitness on Mum to millionaire podcast

  • Don’t forget to ask people to leave reviews and ratings for your course



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – use different platforms to sell you courses

Take a look at Udemy, Skillshare, Skillfeed, Fiverr and Fedora to sell your course through your own website (that’s what I do – see my youtube & Instagram course here)

You could even make an ebook for your course and sell on amazon – the possibilities of what you could try are endless



Use social media to promote your courses, word of mouth, build your email list and market to them.


THANK YOU so much to John Colley for his great tips, this is definitely a page to bookmark when you decide to start making your course.

The first step is to just start. It took me 5 weeks of hard work to put together my ultimate youtube course for beginners and John 6 months for his first course – so be realistic and set aside time to work on it.



  • Helen Lindop – featured on the 4th episode of the podcast & also sells online courses


youtube course for beginners mumpreneurs and working moms




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