How to get baby to sleep through the night

VIDEO: How to get baby to sleep through the night!

For the first 6 months of my son’s life I hardly slept. I was in this little mummy bubble and for a while I didn’t even know what day it was!

Are you struggling? Feeling constantly tired? There is no need to worry anymore as baby sleep expert Jo Tantum is here to help us! Here are her fab five realistic tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. I know it is so hard but you need to stick at it, stay positive and you will get through it. I’m living proof!

Get your baby to sleep through the night and as a reward when your baby does sleep you will too! Result!

How to get baby to sleep through the night

  • Routine

Starting a natural routine as soon as possible. Routine doesn’t have to be strict. Write down natural pattern of your baby over 48 hours – the sleeping and feeding times. Don’t copy an exact sleep routine from a book as baby will get stressed and you will get stressed too!

  • Be consistent

Don’t do lots of differnt things – Stick at it for 7 days. Babies will naturally do something after 7 days. Days 3 and 4 can be the hardest, but don’t give up. Put in the effort now and you will reap the rewards of a full nights sleep very soon. Do the same thing for 7 days and 7 nights. If it doesn’t work then try something else. Each child is different so its all about trail and error.

  • Don’t use sleep props

Don’t keep holding your baby or rocking them.

Watch me and Jo’s other video on what a dream feed is and how to do it. A very good step to get baby to sleep through the night.

  • Put baby to sleep in their own room


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Top Sleep Tips

Start a bedtime routine from day 1 .

This will help your baby recognise that it is night time .It also means that very quickly you get your evenings to yourselves! It can be simple but it is important that it is the same every night.

Bath/top ‘n’ tail – Massage – pj’s on in Nursery with lights low – feed in Nursery – swaddle – lights out.

Put your baby into a flexible feeding and sleeping routine.

Your new baby will want to feed around every 3 hours and sleep every hour, following the natural rhythms of your baby will make your baby feel secure. And you feel in control.

Babies love swaddling it makes them feel safe and snugly

It stops the natural startle reflex which wakes them .So use a light cotton sheet so they don’t overheat. Swaddle for naps and night time. This will become your baby’s sleep trigger. Swaddling has been proved to help babies sleep longer and more deeply.

Babies cry for different reasons the most likely is because they are overtired .So watch out for tired signs – Yawns – short sharp cry- staring into space. Then take them to their Nursery, close the curtains /swaddle and say ssshh. That will help them relax, and they will fall asleep quickly .

Babies can only sleep for one long sleep in 24 hours (just like us).

So make sure that long sleep coincides with yours .Settle your baby at 7pm in their Nursery .Then at 11pm –change their nappy and feed them .This way they will have their long sleep between 11pm and 7am .As they get older you can stretch the early morning feed to 7am .This is also a great time for Daddy’s to take over and bond .Using a bottle daddy’s have special time with their little one and Mummy can sleep until the next feed! Everyone’s happy!

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Jo Tantum author of best selling book, Baby Secrets, is best known for her ability to get any baby sleeping 12 hours through the night, gently without babies and parents getting distressed. With 22 years experience including work as maternity nurse, Jo’s advice is tried, tested and backed up with robust research. With Jo’s compassion and honest mission to want to help sleep deprived parents its no wonder Jo is the UK’s leading sleep specialist.

Veena V Says

I believe a routine is so important. As I write this my son is now 16 months old and knows when it is bedtime. He usually watches ‘In the night garden’ (personally I prefer Waybuloo!), we then go upstairs, have a bath, put on his night time clothes, read a book, drink milk then he goes to sleep straight away when I say goodnight and switch off the light! His routine was shorter when he was younger and he had a few months around his first birthday when he just wouldn’t go to sleep (it would take me anything up to 2 hours for him to fall asleep! Nightmare!) The point of all this is to show a routine really does works, be consistent and don’t give up! So many times I thought ‘is it really worth it’ but it is in the end as I now have my evenings to myself  🙂

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