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Meet the homeschooling single mum of 4! It’s great to read blog posts on how to homeschool but what is even better is to find a parent who is currently doing it.

Listen to this whole episode of the Mum To Millionaire podcast dedicated to giving you the honest lowdown on what it is really like to homeschool and how you can get started

Feyi, who also talked about her husband leaving her in last week’s episode, talks openly about the decision to homeschool her multiple children. It’s a heartbreaking story and if you have any questions please drop a comment on the youtube video by clicking here 




💜As soon as you want to homeschool your children or child get all the relevant information from your school and local council. Our homeschooling mum of 4 featured in this podcast wrote a letter to her local authority saying she will now be homeschooling her kids and the next day they left mainstream school.


💜So far, how to homeschool your kids, is a seemingly simple process! Write a letter to your local authority with a date of when you will be taking your child out of school and when you will start homeschooling. You can even write ‘with immediate effect’ you will be homeschooling.


💜Feyi says it was her best decision to take her children out of school. Her 4 kids are much happier now and they are all reading and writing at a higher level than their current age group.


💜Remember you don’t have to homeschool your children forever (or maybe you would prefer to) Feyi’s eldest child will be going to secondary school and she will continue to homeschool her 3 daughters at the primary age stage

Everyone’s decision to homeschool is different, don’t feel pressure or feel judged, do what you think is right





💜Before you start homeschooling make sure you are aware of all the responsibilities that comes with. You will be responsible for getting your child ready for exams and also paying the exam fee


💜When you have multiple children you are homeschooling you can teach them the same subjects at the same time but make sure you have different levels of difficulties. As an example, Feyi may use fruits to teach her 6 year old about fractions and whilst she is learning in that way, her 9 year old will be doing fraction work using printed out worksheets


💜One question I have when it comes to how to homeschool kids is how on earth do you become a teacher. I have a 9 year old, very hyper son and I really can’t imagine sitting down teaching him especially when I can’t remember anything I learnt at school!

Feyi says, when the kids are in bed, that is when she learns the lessons for the next day. She reminds us that is what teachers do, they have to re-learn things they are teaching. The homeschooling single mum, also adds that it has brought her family closer together as they are all learning together


💜Lastly, in terms of setting a homeschooling schedule you don’t have to follow the school day routine. Feyi does school 3 days a week in her local library, one day at home when the kids do activities like arts and crafts. Fridays are no school, instead she works on her own business and the kids get to go to any events with her.

I really hope these how to homeschool tips have acted like a mini beginners guide to homeschooling. 


⭐️ A huge thanks to Feyi from Busy Mum Workouts. Check out her website here


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