how to overcome anything

#60 Losing a Baby & Defying the Odds: How to Overcome Anything

Another motivational podcast with someone who knows how to overcome anything in life!

Hyacinth Myers is a mum two sons and a BSc Honours Graduate in Social Policy with Criminal Justice. She is the founder and Managing Director of Soul Conscious Creations Ltd., a start up Company promoting Creative and Holistic Services. She’s also been a published writer for 21 years now.

Hyacinth grew up feeling secluded in a crime-filled area and had also witnessed domestic violence as a child.  She and her mum moved out when she was sixteen and she eventually was able to attend university. As an adult, she went through two break-ups and a death of a child.


Tip #1: Find an outlet

Through all the heartbreak and pain, Hyacinth’s escape is always in the form of words and poems. Despite being quiet and withdrawn as a child, she felt like she has a very loud voice on mute and the only way she could express herself is through writing.

Tip #2: Get support

Hyacinth’s friends and family have been her main support, especially her mum and her sister who’ve been a great help whenever she is feeling stuck – or even with the little things.

Tip #3: Volunteer

Volunteering has been a huge help for Hyacinth in feeling fulfilled and thinking outside of herself.

how to overcome anything

Tip #4: Chase your dreams

Another thing Hyacinth points out on how to overcome anything is having a firm belief that things will get better.  Instead of being bitter, she says that what you really need to think about is what you actually want in life and believe that it’s achievable.


How to overcome anything


The challenges we go through, no matter how huge or small, is nothing compared to the success waiting for us at the end of the line. Remember these four simple tips on how to overcome anything in life and you will surely come out stronger every time.


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