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#39 ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR KIDS | Raising a go getter!

Julian Hall is Dad of 5 kids and owner of the Ultra Kids Club. He’s on a misson to inspire the next generation into the world of business and entrepreneurship – LOVE IT!

Are you like me and get a little worried that kids are getting addicted to phones and social media? How can we teach our kids to be a go getter? How as a parent can we make sure we nurture our children’s creativity?

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT EPISODE! A real insight into the world of being a successful entrepreneur from the inspirational ‘Dadpreneur’ Julian.




podcast for mums              podcast for mums



Julian has spent time with a lot of entrepreneurs and these are the 4 key things he’s found that make some entrepreneurs more successful than the rest

  1. Looked after their physical health
  2. Managed their own mental wellbeing
  3. Nurtured their relationships with friends and family
  4. Do what they love



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