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#45 How to start a nursery – BE A CHILDCARE PRO

You’re a stay at home Mum and keep seeing this word Mumpreneur being flashed around – you want to start a business but you just don’t know where to find inspiration…well hello, here it is! The latest Mum To Millionaire podcast episode is all about how YOU can start a nursery or run a daycare business from home.

Kemi Osinloye is a childcare expert, Mum of 2 and started her own nursery after not being able to find any childcare for her own son in her area. So much great info in this episode plus tons of realistic business advice. Kemi is definitely a Mumpreneur to keep an eye on!



Go unannounced

Go and visit the childcare more than once

Go at nap times and lunch times to see how the nursery are dealing with the children

Watch the childcare provider and see how they interact with your child

how to start a nursery and daycare Kemi Osinloye mumpreneur


  • If you are not directly working with the children in the nursery you don’t need any special qualification if you are solely funding it.
  • RESEARCH – What other childcare providers are there in the area? Ring them up – if there is a waiting list that means there is a need for a new nursery.
  • LOCATION IS KEY – Premises near train stations are great for working parents to drop off their little ones.
  • OFSTED  – Remember when starting a nursery ofsted come and inspect your premises and do a risk assessment.
  • STAFF – Start interviewing before ofstead come and meet you as they will want a list of people that will be working at your nursery



Kemi Osinloye makes it seems so easy to start a nursery but remember that she took one step at a time, don’t rush through anything and do a lot of research. Really think about what you want in life and just go for it xx



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