How to travel with a toddler

Before I had a child I thought people were mad wanting to know how to travel with a toddler. But now I feel all parents pain! I take my son out a lot on the tube and train and if you’re a regular reader of my blog you will know that my son just loves getting into a tantrum and running away. I’m positive he’s going to be some sort of athlete when he’s older, oh and on the topic of tantrum he hasn’t had a full blown one for about two months – Hooray!!

So the question I am answering today is how to travel with a toddler. What is the magic ingredients to having a stress free and dare I say it, enjoyable journey!


It is easier said than done but these three things really are the key to making a journey in the car or on a train a piece of cake. Always imagine being your child, would you really want to sit for hours with your parents doing nothing? Exactly!

Below is a list of all the stuff I bring to keep my son occupied on long train journeys. Remember to play games with your child. I find I Spy works so well – we do it with colours ‘Can you see anything that’s yellow’ He loves this. He’s also really into signs at the moment! So I pretend we’re on a mission to find as many transport signs as we possibly can.

My son is now old enough to carry his own little rucksack and he chooses small toys he wants to bring. He insisted on taking his big mini cooper, I said ‘Well, if you can carry it you can take it. However, if you start getting tired because it’s too heavy, then Mummy won’t help you.’ So, me being me and most importantly avoiding a tantrum, I transferred all his other toys to my bag so he could bring his blimin’ mini cooper!

How to travel with a toddlerย 

Things in my son’s bag
  • Mini Cooper and other small cars
  • Leapfrog computer – thank goodness he got this for his birthday. This really keeps him entertained for some of the time.
  • Sweets – I rarely give my son sweets, so travelling is the perfect opportunity to bribe him to be good in return for sugary goodies!
  • Coloring book, pencils and stickers


Things in my bag
  • Water and juice cartons
  • Wipes – yep my son will never be too old for me to carry wipes. You never know when you’ll need them
  • Magazine and notebook
  • Spare change of clothes for my son
  • Packed lunch

The 2 and a half hour trip to my parents was a breeze. As soon as my son started to mess around I would just vary the activity he was doing. Good luck if you’re going travelling anywhere. It doesn’t need to be stressful at all, make it enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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