Hypnobirthing is not for weird women!

I kind of did Hypnobirthing for my birth. Yes I know even the name may seem a little weird, but hear me out! I didn’t really get a chance to practice any of the techniques as my baby was born 4 weeks early. I also only found out about Hypnobrithing very late on into my pregnancy but it still helped me so much.

I would say Hypnobirthing is really about visualisation and relaxation and this is what I tired to do throughout the end of my pregnancy, labour and the birth. For the last month of my pregnancy I had a drawing of an unborn baby in a stomach pinned to my fridge. Every night before I went to bed I would look at it and say ‘My baby will come when he/she is ready and when my body is ready. I will have a calm and relaxed birth.’

I know this may seem like a crazy pregnant women thing but trust me I believe it REALLY DID WORK! I stayed calm throughout the labour and birth. With each contraction I had, I imagined my baby moving further and further down my body, it was like I was breathing him down! I used no drugs, just gas and air in about the last hour. I also had no stitches and my baby boy was in good health despite being a month early.

Try hypnobirthing, you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Top tips for a Calm and Gentle Birth with Hypnobirthing

  • It’s unique and makes a big difference in any birth experience.
  • Hypnobirthing mothers frequently experience a labour that is comfortable and empowering.
  • It helps you to release fears and enjoy your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.
  • It works whenever you do the course, but the sooner you can do it the better so you have plenty of time to practice.
  • It is the best way of having a positive and joyful experience of pregnancy and birth.
  • Add pregnancy yoga or pilates to Hypnobirthing and you are preparing yourself in an even better way for a gentle birth.
  • You can birth successfully with Hypnobirthing in hospital, in a midwife led unit, or at home.  Home is the most natural environment and, statistics show, the safest.  A mother who has had a Hypnobirth at home would never give birth any other way.
  • If you are confident and serene, so is your baby, as these hormones pass through the placenta to your baby as well.
  • If a baby is born in a calm and serene environment, free of drugs, to a mother that is alert, drug free, and ready to receive it lovingly, this is how it forms its first relationship, which is the blueprint for every other relationship it forms in life.  The implications of this throughout its life, both to the baby as it develops into an adult and to everyone it comes in contact with, cannot be over estimated.
  • (Please note that I am always talking about a normal birth.  Hypnobirthing can help when an unusual circumstance arises too, but do remember that genuine emergencies are rare.)


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Katharine Graves is a leading Hypnobirthing teacher.  She is also qualified as a Doula, a Hypnotherapist, and a Hypnofertility practitioner, as well as in nutrition and craniosacral therapy.  She has been working as a therapist for over ten years and dances with delight every time she receives a report of a positive birth experience through Hypnobirthing.  She is happy to answer your questions any time, and there is lots of information on the website www.thehypnobirthingcentre.co.uk


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