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Turn your passion into a business & how you can eat chocolate the healthy way!


Fitness expert Vicky Warr is a fabulous business woman and Mum of two from West London. Vicky started her own fitness classes for pregnant women and Mums called The Beez Kneez after discovering a gap in the market. It’s really inspirational to see a mother who has created a business out of her passion for helping women look and feel good.

Watch the video to find out what is Vicky’s golden piece of business advice to you and as an extra special bonus find out how you can eat chocolate the healthy way!

Inspirational Mother – Turning your passion into a business

Vicky Warr trained as a personal trainer and whilst starting up her business she freelanced in the advertising industry to fund her passion of fitness training.

The mum of two quickly realised that her core clients were females and Mums who wanted to lose weight and took the initiative to train in post natal fitness.  The best marketing was word of mouth from her clients and Vicky’s business spread.

Vicky’s golden piece of advice to you is GET HELP – You wear many different hats when you start your business. It can be very overwhelming and busy so seek help from people. Get someone to do the jobs you don’t want to do, the admin, answer the phones. This will give you more time to focus on your key business.

Things to remember
  • Do your research – find out what people think of your idea
  • Build your brand around what people want
  • Be passionate
  • Focus on premium delivery and quality of service

Business Tip – Find a niche that you can focus in and have a better chance of success. Vicky Warr took the decision to train in post natal fitness and it paid off as she now runs successful fitness classes for mothers who want to lose weight.

Losing weight after pregnancy

How to eat chocolate the healthy way!

  • Don’t deprive yourself of what you want or you will end up eating more of it. Schedule chocolate in at a specific time in the week – something to look forward to!
  • Eat good quality dark chocolate. You’ll get your chocolate fix in a smaller amount of dark chocolate.
  • Limit your portion size
  • Find out recipes that include chocolate but look at how much sugar – its the sugar that makes you put on weight



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