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#55 From Nearly Dying To Thriving: Inspirational Story Of Shirina Carstens

At some point in our lives, we are bound to go through something that either breaks us completely or teaches us a lesson we will never forget. For Shirina Carstens, this breaking point turned out to be a huge turning point in her life from which she would learn to stand tall and become the strong person that she is today.

Our Inspirational Mum, Shirina Carstens is the founder of Beauty From Within. The idea for her now thriving business came when she’s at the rock bottom of her life.

She got sick only a few days after giving birth and went on to a long journey of having to get better. Because of her goal to overcome her disease, she felt an overwhelming surge of gratitude for her life and everything in it, even though she had to relearn things again as part of her healing process.




💜How she began her healing process

One of the things she did to bring herself back into health was watching motivational videos and listening to podcast of people that inspire her such as Oprah. This gave her that extra push that she needed to try to do better every day.


💜The impact of her new-found appreciation to life

When you realize how valuable life is, you value things more and it makes you a better person.

Shirina realised the importance of appreciating what she has and it helped her look at herself and her potentials in a new light.

Fast forward to four and a half years, her life is now better than ever, but she never fails to recognise that there will always be challenges ahead.


At the end of the day, Shirina believes that when you really want something you’ll always find a way to get it done, and that’s exactly what she did.


💜The Five Love Languages For Children (by Gary Chapman and  Ross Campbell)


Shirina says learning your child’s love language is important. This helps them understand how to reciprocate love. Some examples of love languages are connection and affirmation.

It is important to maintain that connection with your child and let him or her know that you care.

Shirina’s goal to get better was fueled with the desire to be with her daughter and to love and care for her.


💜Success takes time


If you run and just implement your idea without so much of a thought, you’re more likely to fail. Understand that you’re not going to see all the options that you have available right away.


Getting to the end quickly does not always mean you made it because sometimes when you’re running fast you’re actually running straight through into a dead end and you miss important things along the way that could’ve helped you set yourself up for success.


Shirina’s story is surely an inspiration. Do you have some advice to other women and mums out there who may be suffering right now and in need of enlightenment? Go ahead and comment your thoughts!



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