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#29 How to juggle work & the kids – YOU CAN DO IT

All of us struggle at one time or another with the juggling act of looking after children and working – there’s so many balls us mums have to keep in the air.

Rule 1 – Get organised TODAY not tomorrow

Rule 2 – Don’t worry if you drop a ball. The trick is to pick it up, take a break, learn from it and then keep going

Nadine Hill AKA Juggle Mum is an award winning blogger and Mum of 2. She also has a VA business which she set up in 2005 so she could spend more time with her children. Nadine is the queen of getting things done, NOW (I have first hand experience to this with her fast & efficient communication)

You’ll love all these organisational tips for busy mumpreneurs and I can’t wait for you to put them into action xx

How to work when the children are at home

1) Power hours

If your baby takes a nap in the afternoon then use this time to do your intense work AND plan the day before


2) Split your day up

When my son is off school for longer periods of time & I really need to get some work done I spend the whole morning with him in the park, at the cinema or on a walk, for example. Then in the afternoon I will do some work whilst my son watches TV or plays. A WIN – WIN situation, plus I don’t feel guilty!


3) Wake up before the children (This may not be so easy if you have a child under 1)

Juggle Mum wakes up at 5.30am / 6am and gets 3 hours of work done before the kids wake up in the holidays


Productivity tips with kids for business working moms

LISTEN: 5 tips to have a super productive morning


4) Try to combine a work task with the kids

If you run a blog or a business where you need some help then get your children to pitch in – start them young 🙂  Nadine lets her children test out products for her blog and help with video reviews



  • Juggle Mum does this by creating different lists – so she has an app on her phone just to write the shopping list. She never forgets anything at the supermarket now!
  • Write a to-do list THE NIGHT BEFORE. This will stop you wasting time
  • SWITCH OFF social media and emails – It will stop you from getting distracted
  • FILE IT – You will never lost anything again if you know where everything is. Make separate files for different things
  • JUST DO IT – If you need to share something on social media or chase up an email DO IT NOW – Don’t wait till later or you may forget or even worse never end up doing it.


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Visualise your end goal for your business & write it down – this will make you much more productive & focused



  • A massive THANK YOU to Nadine Hill – read her award winning Juggle Mum Blog



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