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#63 Too Fat To Run Julie Creffield Reveals How To Make Money Blogging

Have you got a blog and are really struggling on how to monetise it? The super gorgeous and talented, Julie Creffield, is a Single Mum to one and founder of the hugely popular blog Too Fat To Run

What started out as her passion and selling branded T Shirts online has turned into a business where Julie now sells a range of products and gets paid to speak internationally



  • Julie Creffield completed her first marathon at size 16, only to find they had already packed away the finish line! This is when Julie’s blog Too Fat To Run was born


  • 7 months pregnant & made redundant. Julie got a loan to redesign her website and started selling T Shirts online


  • The second way the Too Fat To Run founder made money from her blog was by selling a £1.99 ebook on Amazon. Julie, wrote the book in 2 days and managed to make her first £300 from it


  • Julie’s business is always constantly evolving and she is always finding different ways to create multiple income streams. She currently speaks internationally, has a membership group and also puts together retreats for women abroad





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