Make up tips for Mums


Once you’re a Mum life becomes even more hectic. Rushing around, school runs, hustle and bustle of work, sprinting back to the school gates and that’s just half of the day. Oh my thinking about all of that is making me very tired!

I’ve drafted in make-up artist, Halimah to share her top 8 make up tips for Mums. Halimah is a single Mum of 2 so she knows exactly what you are going through.

Make up tips for Mums

– Be confident with the way you look, believe that you feel and look good.

– Get a blow dry once a month-it does wonders for your confidence!

– Keep makeup in the downstairs bathroom or somewhere near the front door-so when you have finished sorting the kids out, you can quickly put some makeup on.

– A great make up tip for Mums is to use tinted moisturiser. It saves you putting both foundation and moisturiser on separately – saves time!

– Lipliner all over your lips will stay on all day just dab some gloss over it.

Make up for Mums

– Eyelash extensions are a God send.

They last roughly 2-4 weeks. You will not need mascara again or even much eyeliner! So all you will need to do is make sure you have good skin or foundation on and a touch of colour on you lips or blusher!

You will wake up feeling great and may just have to wash your face and brush your teeth and you are good to go!

– Keep some foundation and lipcolour in the car glove box, whenever there is a traffic light you can quickly put some makeup on if you did not have time when you were at home.

– For a quick manicure and pedicure;

Mix 2-3 tblsp of warm olive oil with sugar in a bowl. Scrub feet and hands with this.

Cover your hands and feet with cling film for 10 – 15 minutes

Take off, rinse with warm water then pat dry


VIPregnancy’s Make up tips for Mums brought to you by: Halimah Abubacker, Single Mum of 2, make up artist and founder of the beauty training academy Henna H.

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