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#46 Creating Multiple Income Streams

Generating multiple income streams as a Mum CAN BE DONE & our podcast guest today proves that.

3 gorgeous children, multiple businesses and founder of the Marvellous Moms Podcast – Kirsten Tyrrel is true inspiration in trying different things and seeing what works best for her and her family.



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Kirsten’s multiple income streams

  • Amazon FBA
  • Online course for selling on Amazon
  • Ebook series on tips for visiting Disneyland
  • Marvellous Moms Academy
  • Networking Marketing

Right…can you see what Kirstin has done. She has taken her knowledge and turned them into products to sell. What knowledge do you have that you could turn into an ebook or course?

Challenges of managing multiple income streams

Myself and Kirsten both manage multiple projects and businesses at the same time and it is hard to focus down.

Therefore, try different ways to manage yourself. Kirsten works in monthly cycles, so dedicates more time to one project one month and another project another month.

I work on a daily basis – so work on YT CLUB one day, Mum To Millionaire on another and Real Mauritius on a different day. I then have a day for meetings / interviewing and finally on Fridays I catch up on anything I didn’t finish in the week or work on a specific project.


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Figure out what you’re good at & what you know you can consistently do – then find ways to turn that into an income stream



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