managing multiple businesses with mumpreneur atiti

#33: Managing multiple businesses & multiple children!

Atiti is the owner of Eyato London, has books published, a board game and has been in business for 15 years.

She is an example of the life we should strive for. She has multiple children, runs multiple businesses and still manages to do the school run. PLUS every Wednesday is HER day – she has me time. Yes you read correctly SHE HAS ME TIME!

Creating successful businesses whilst still spending quality time with the kids AND finding time for yourself – that’s what Mum to Millionaire is all about. That’s why I LOVE what Atiti has accomplished.


  • Success isn’t going to happen overnight – take the time before you launch and really PLAN everything to do with your business
  • Be thankful and grateful for every day – teach this to your kids
  • Give your children responsibilities. Atiti’s children all have tasks. They share tasks like cooking and housework.
  • Don’t compromise your schedule. Don’t get pulled in different directions by different people.



  • ME TIME – Take the time to be creative, take the time to relax and spend time on yourself. You don’t need to work 24/7 on your business. It’s more harmful than good
  • Set Alarms – Mumpreneur Atiti will set an alarm at 11am. She then looks back on what she has done since the school run in the morning. This is a great way to see how you are really spending your time.
  • If you manage multiple businesses, have different days for different businesses. This will give you much more focus and have a clearer vision. I spend one day on Real Mauritius, one day on Mum to Millionaire and another day on Youtube Club – plan YOUR TIME WISELY


Mum to Millionaire




  • BIG Mum love to our guest Atiti – Owner of handmade Accessories Eyato & Board game Shhh or Tell it



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