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#40 How to be a fearless Mumpreneur – CHANGE YOUR MINDSET

If you want some instant Mumpreneur motivation then this podcast episode is for you! Jo Davidson is a Mum of 2 and loves helping Business Mums be fearless.

I love her honest and kick ass attitude! Β STOP SAYING WHAT IF and just do it because YOU CAN do it! Jo is here to really help us change our mindset and prep ourselves for ultimate success


  • Listen to motivational speakers – don’t talk to people that bring you down – surround yourself with positivity
  • Say affirmations to yourself everyday – rather than saying ‘I want to have 5 clients this month’ you must change your way of thinking and say ‘I have 5 clients this month’
  • Everything that you think has an effect on the way you behave – so stop thinking negative thoughts – you can and YOU ARE running a successful business
  • Start acknowledging how brilliant you are and how brilliant your potential is
  • Write down things you are grateful for everyday – keep a notebook and always write it down


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  • THANK YOU to the inspirational Mumpreneur & business coach JO DAVIDSON
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