truth of being a mumpreneur

#62 The Truth About My Mumpreneur Inconsistency

I am so sorry for crying in this episode! It’s all been a bit too much recently in Mumpreneur land; wondering if I should carry on with the Mum To Millionaire podcast, am I doing too much, am I doing enough and the constant battle to get my son the help he needs in school


If you are wondering why I’ve been so emotional this last month you can watch more about my current situation with my son here 


My Mumpreneur Message

NEVER GIVE UP on what you want in life. We all face challenges but the key is to keep going and stop comparing yourself to others, especially people who do not have kids.

They can go at a much faster rate than us so don’t feel down if you think you are not going fast enough.



Stay focused and keep looking at different ways you make money. I don’t make any money from the podcast but I have started to make a little money from the Mum To Millionaire meet ups. And by little I mean around £50, so enough to pay my travel costs and childcare for that one day!

But for me the meet ups is more about helping women to connect and leave feeling totally uplifted. The next one is on the 2nd November, I hope to see you there!



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