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#35: Launching my first product & 4 tips to deal with overwhelm!

I’m sat in my bedroom surrounded by MESS! Make up on the floor, clothes everywhere, I just stepped on a piece of lego…….. ARGH! I don’t even dare to go into the kitchen. Oh my goodness, my son’t homework is in today and I haven’t even started it. Help me!

Yes, right now I’m feeling totally overwhelmed.

Do you ever feel like this? When you have so much to do in your business AND home life

Today in Mum to Millionaire – the podcast dedicated to inspire Mumpreneurs globally – we talk about tips I use to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Also exciting news, I’ve just launched my first product! My new business YT CLUB is a reality



My businesses explained

Mum To Millionaire

Inspiration and social media training for Mumpreneurs. Weekly podcast, videos and online courses to help your business get started with video marketing on youtube.


YT Club

High quality camera accessories for youtubers and bloggers. YT Club tripods; Stylish, flexible and lightweight. They are perfect for making creative videos.



Real Mauritius

Discover what paradise is really about at the Real Mauritius apartments



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Special Mum to Millionaire tip!

Do one thing at a time BUT if you are doing something like housework BE PRODUCTIVE – so while you are doing the dishes you could listen to a podcast and actually learn something at the same time.


Every minute you sit there putting things off, making excuses, your life is not changing. If you want to progress you have to keep going.


how to build a brand mumpreneur vee roberts inspireurbiz

LISTEN: Vee Roberts shares the keys to building a successful brand. 

You will feel rejuvenated and motivated to sort out your business after listening to this! Watch out for mine and Vee’s workshops about youtube and marketing in 2016

My favourite motivational video


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