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My son is unimpressed that I hosted an event to 30,000 people!

Me (Veena V) on stage at Trafalgar Square

As any working parent knows it is a challenge to raise children and have a career. Before falling pregnant with my son at the age of 21, I was working six / seven days a week. Since giving birth I’ve still been working but for most of the time it has taken a back seat to dealing with tantrums in packed shopping centers, cleaning wee from the floor and tidying up the house which never seems to get tidy!!!

2012 was a turning point as I’ve been pushing myself to work harder and the main reason being my son now goes to nursery for three full days. Therefore giving me time to work on my career.
Now considering me and my son always are together and have that close bond, I at least wanted some support from him. I told him I would be hosting an event to 30,000 people at Trafalgar Square and he wasn’t even interested! Now, I know he is only a toddler but come on, he could have at least seemed slightly interested! I asked him what I should say on stage to all the people, his response

‘Tell them to go home. It will be dark and if the street lamps are on that means that they have to go to bed’

I love how oblivious children are!

Well I did have a great time hosting the Diwali celebration at Trafalgar Square in London. 30,000 people stood in the freezing cold and rain and watched all the fantastic dancers and performers at the event organised by the Mayor of London – amazing.

Diwali in the square

It was my first experience of wearing a sari and I loved it. Hopefully as my son gets older he will ‘seem’ interested in what his Mum does for a living! As long as my son sees his Mum working hard and understands that hard work will always pay off then I will be one happy Mummy 🙂

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