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Thank you so much for visiting my blog, my name is Veena V, I’m a Channel 4 Award winning Radio Presenter turned Online Entrepreneur and I’m the founder of Mum to Millionaire.

I’m on a mission to help you

  • Realise that only you can change your life
  • Give you the truth about running a business and being a Mum
  • Inspire you to TAKE ACTION & create a happy, positive life for YOU & your family
Mum to Millionaire is a podcast, youtube channel, training courses and meet up groups.

When you become a parent your life changes forever, for the better people say. However my reality was different. After giving birth to my son, at the age of 22 my life took a turn for the worse. Feeling overwhelmed, suicidal and lonely.

From award winning radio presenter to receptionist……

To add to the challenges of motherhood, my work in the media industry completely dried up after becoming a Mum and I had to get a job in the city in 2013

Positives; I was out the house everyday which improved my mental state, I had a part time job as a receptionist and I had regular income finally coming in every month.

Still trying desperately to get back into the media, missing out on my son’s school events, paying ridiculous childcare & travel costs, meant I was only left with £25 after a hard days work.

Veena V Mumpreneur

There must be another way to life I shouted!

That’s when Mum to Millionaire was born.


I’m here to show you no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what your past looks like, you will get through it.

Start finding the beauty in every single day, its there, you just need to work hard to find it

Why did you start your business? Comment at the end of this page, I would love to hear from you.


Mum To Millionaire is a non-judgemental, positive community and its a way for me to document my journey in creating my businesses Real Mauritius and YT CLUB

You can watch what’s going on right now in my life here

Love you lots & sending you so much positivity,

Veena V xx

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I’m 30 (how the heck did that happen!)

I have a decade of experience as a Radio & TV presenter & I’m a single Mum to an amazing, challenging, hyperactive, cheeky, slightly annoying little boy. I love him so much but my goodness, I have never met another child that is constantly up to something (good & bad)

Becoming pregnant at a “young” age and unexpectedly has made me even more motivated to succeed in life, not just for myself but also now for my son. I always wanted the “perfect” life, where I was at the top of the career ladder, got married and then have children. But sometimes in life things don’t go exactly to plan.

I started in the radio industry at the age of 16 in Oxford, I then moved to London and had a successful show on a station in East London. At the age of 21, I won an award from Channel 4 for “Best Radio Presenter” and at the same time found out I was pregnant!

Veena V Mum to Millionaire Rebecca Ferguson

Me interviewing Rebecca Ferguson for MOBO TV


This was an extremely difficult time, as I really did not know what to do. So many questions arose; I’m too young, I’m such a career minded person – I can’t have a baby now, we are in a recession – I have no money, I’m not married, what are people going to think; I am not in the “ideal” situation at all.

In the forefront of all of this I was also in an extremely volatile relationship.

I eventually came to the decision that I would have an abortion.


I went to the clinic, but just as I was about to sign the paper to continue with the termination I couldn’t do it. After 2 weeks of more thinking reality hit me, What the heck am I doing! I really can’t have a baby now. 


abortion veena v

I booked another appointment, I just felt that this was for the best even though my parents were adamant that I didn’t have to do it – they will support me. I couldn’t do this to my parents, I already felt like a failure.

So against my parents offer of help, I went to the abortion clinic again, I signed the paper and got changed into a robe. I lay on the operating table, I couldn’t stop crying, the doctor was about to inject me, I looked at the nurse and shouted out loud “No!”

It was that split second and feeling in my gut that changed my destiny and life forever.


Decision made 100%, I am not having a termination. Some of my own friends said I was making a mistake and they were disappointed in me. Is my life really over?

I then thought how could I continue fulfilling my dreams, that’s when VIPregnancy was born.

‘YES – VIPregnancy is going to be the next Netmums & Mumsnet’ I thought to myself


veena pregnancy blog

I wrote about pregnancy, parenting and my life as a single Mum and also interviewed some amazing midwives and pregnancy professionals.

I uploaded the first pregnancy podcast in Feb 2009 – You can listen to some episodes here!


When I was pregnant and my son was a newborn I would work on the website every single day but slowly it became a chore to blog. So after 5 years of running VIPregnancy I killed it. I had no clear vision for it & lost all passion to do it. This video below explains more


At the same time (2009 – 2013) I would be working so hard to get jobs in the media industry. Hundreds of rejections would result in glimmers of hope like landing a TV presenting job where I would travel to different parts of the UK hosting a wedding show on a small sky channel called Wedding TV.


But work was infrequent and I ended up doing a lot of things for free. By the time I was 26, my media career was completely over. In 2012 I made £250, yep only £250 in a whole year – Also this whole time I’m not claiming benefits, I’ve always been registered as self employed.

veena v presenting

So many times, I would think thats its, I’m just going to start claiming but something would always stop me, I didn’t want to get caught in the system, I always lived in hope.


2013 – 2014 I worked as a receptionist in the city, I had no other choice, I had no money. I actually cried when I found out I got the job as this gave me security of a steady income

Around the same time I also had to go to court and was granted a restraining order against my son’s Dad. He was still being extremely abusive to me even though we broke up once my son was born.


Having this job brought on another set of challenges, I would miss so many things at my son’s school, I was constantly tired and I was not fulfilling my true potential which was killing me everyday

In late 2014, I had a light bulb moment – how can I change my life?

I’m sick of struggling, I’m sick of chasing dream jobs, I’m sick of missing important events in my son’s life…

I know I’ll create my own business & media platform! Let me create the ultimate resource to show other busy Mums how to grow a business and spend quality time with their children at the same time.


Veena V CEO of Mum to Millionaire

From when my son was born till he was 7, in 2016, those were the hardest and most challenging years of my life. Going through all that alone wasn’t easy, to top it off my son’s behaviour at school was really bad, he would get into trouble constantly and became violent towards me.

Once even trying to push me down the stairs

Everyday is a challenge even now, but one thing I will never do is give up on my son and give up on making my dreams a reality


 I’ve struggled, I’ve cried, I’ve had suicidal thoughts…..but I wouldn’t change anything.


I have changed so much and learnt a heck of a lot too! I’m now very strong and more focused than ever.

Life really is what you make it. Don’t dwell on the past

I used to think about all that time I’ve lost when I used to cry or moan and the truth is – it’s a waste of time even thinking about it. Just focus on being HAPPY and enjoying life with your amazing child.


Business blog for Mumpreneurs Mompreneurs stay at home mum podcast


Wow, I’m honored that you just read all of that! If you did please comment below, I would love to hear your story xx

If I can manage to keep achieving my goals & looking after a child – so can you!

P.S I tried to make my story as short as I could! Obviously, a lot more has happened.

I now run three businesses; Mum To Millionaire, YT CLUB and Real Mauritius

Find out what’s going on right now in my life by watching my journey on Youtube ⬇


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 If you don’t love your life then change it – Only YOU have the power

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  1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m really sorry to hear that. I still have bad days and when that happens I just take time out from everything & remember that in order to achieve everything I want I need to focus on the goal. Yes don’t look at the past it’s a waste of time! Live in the now and plan for the future xx

  2. iKids Photo Course

    Great post Veena, very inspirational! It is so difficult to bring up a child and at the same time to work on the business. I can really feel for you. Your blog is very inspirational. Actually, I had very bad day and by looking at your posts I just thought “we really have to keep going and not looking at the past”. Good luck!

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