Royal Baby Kate Middleton

5 Emotions New Mums go through

All new mums will know that giving birth is an incredible experience and that you feel so many emotions. These are the 5 emotions that the duchess will be feeling right now.

  • Happiness

  • Giving birth to a healthy baby boy or girl will be one of the happiest memories of your life. Kate and William will be in their own little bubble right now enjoying these precious moments.
  • Sadness

  • Giving birth can also be a sad experience for some women. I didn’t receive any proper support from my ex partner when my sob was a newborn baby. It made everything more difficult for me to cope as a young mum and very emotional. Also for Kate and especially William the birth will evoke sadness. Princess Diana would have been an integral part in her grandsons left and it’s sad shes not here to experience it.
  • Pain!

    • After giving birth naturally not only was it painful during the labour and birth, I was in pain for a few days after! Every time I went to the toilet I was in so much pain. I had to put warm water on my private bit every time I did a wee.  In my experience it was more painful than the actual birth, something I wasn’t aware of. The duchess of Cambridge will be experiencing all these things she never knew existed!
  • Scared

    • I was petrified when I was left alone with my son. Even though Duchess Kate had Prince William by her side throughout the night and also extra attention from midwives, it would have still been a daunting experience. Kate will be thinking how she will cope as a new mum, what she needs to do to get her baby to sleep, what to do when baby cries.
  • 5) Overwhelmed

    • Any new mum is completely overwhelmed by the whole birthing process. Nothing can prepare you for it. Not only is Kate going through learning how to look after her son she also has to face the worlds media. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it! All those cameras, flashing lights is in no way easy for any new mum to contend with.


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