Older Mothers

Older Mothers – What are the benefits?


Being a parent is not easy at any stage in life, maybe even more so for older mothers. It is the norm now for women to have children in their late 30s or 40s so biologically have our bodies changed?

Are older mothers happier, richer, more patient, wiser? I became pregnant at the age of 21 and I was no way prepared to be a mother. After giving birth I was not fully happy and took my healthy, beautiful son for granted. The reason for this is that I was doing really well in my media career, I had just won an award from Channel 4 for ‘Best Radio Presenter’ and then BANG I find out I’m pregnant (you can read more about my personal story here) – Anyway the reason for me talking about me being a younger mum is to highlight the fact that I wasn’t and still am not fulfilled in my career. I have yet to achieve my goals and dreams.

Older mothers have done what they have wanted and more likely would have been fulfilled in their working lives. In the podcast below I speak to Donna Canale who had her twin daughters at the age of 39. She believes a benefit of being an older mum is that she has more life experience and wisdom to pass onto her children.

As an older mother she can teach her daughters what are the good, positive and REALISTIC expectations of life.

Older Mothers


Despite Donna being happy I asked her ‘Do you wish you had children earlier?’ – take a listen to her honest reply and she also tells me the shocking reality of some other mothers talking to her as if she were the Grandma of her own children.

I also talked to Dr Susan Bewley who tells women not to worry if they haven’t had children yet but if you are thinking about becoming a Mum, don’t waste time and just get on with it!




Getting pregnant at any age is a miracle and magical time but just be aware of the risks when becoming an older mum.

Things to take away from this podcast:

‘Every women’s situation is different’

‘Be very aware of the risks of being an older mother’

‘The main thing is to be happy’


This VIPregnancy radio show is part of the ‘Older Motherhood‘ podcast series. If you liked this episode please tweet me and remember to focus on being a happy and healthy parent no matter how old you are.
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