Rebecca Ferguson opens up about motherhood.

Away from my blog, I’m also a working Mum. I work in the media industry as a presenter which isn’t the best career when you have a little one! I recently caught up with singer, songwriter and Single Mum of two, Rebecca Ferguson, to have a little chat about her music career and what it is really like to be a working mum in the hectic music industry.


Rebecca, your little princess Lillie Rose has just turned eight years old, congratulations! How on earth do you juggle working in the music industry and being a Mum?

It is really difficult. I’m away from my children a lot. It is hard, but any working Mum knows it is hard to have a career and look after the family.


It must be hard not being there for bedtime stories, I don’t know if I could do that…

My children live in London with me now so its a lot easier to see them. My nan is down too from Liverpool, so is helping. I’ve got good people around me. I actually got to do the school run a couple of times last week.


Do the other parents and children get a little star struck and shout ‘OMG Its Rebecca Ferguson!’

(laughs) No, they are great and so are the children. Maybe the parents have talked to them, everyone is fine.
I explain after we stop filming that I need to rush off to go and get my son from nursery (I’m in central London it’s 5.30pm and I need to get back to Essex before 7pm!) Rebecca says ‘I know what that feels like!’ I’m so glad us Mums are all in the same boat, no matter who we are or what we do as a job – we all still have the challenge of balancing that work/home balance.


Rebecca Ferguson’s new single ‘Backtrack’ is out now


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