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#21 Get your confidence back & feel empowered with Siobhan Curham

After giving birth something happens. A lot of Mums tend to lose their confidence and it’s a struggle to get it back. I don’t want you to struggle – I want you to remember that you are amazing. You’ve given birth for goodness sake! Plus you’ve got a business to run.

Siobhan Curham is a Mum of 1, award winning author and a really big deal in the book world. I LOVE her positivity, her drive and most importantly her passion to inspire others.

Ms Curham is proof that with hard work and really following your passion that DREAMS CAN COME TRUE xx




  • Ignore your inner negative voice – overcome your fear
  • Have big goals and dreams but to achieve them break things down into tiny pieces.
  • What are you really passionate about and think how you can turn that into a career?
  • Find someone successful in their field and look to them for inspirational – If that Mum can do it so can you
  • Don’t compare yourself to other Mums, especially Mums in the public eye. Celebrities are under a lot of pressure to be ‘perfect’ and to achieve that many of them (not all) have a lot of help!


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Thank you so much to Siobhan for sharing her story. If you ever feel down please re-listen to this podcast and remember that you CAN achieve anything you want. Click the image below to tweet Siobhan to say thanks

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