#75 How to Make More Money in Your Business with SKY MAGICIAN

This week’s episode of our Dad series features a driven dad of two, who’s very enthusiastic, a proper go getter & gives us tons of tips about sharing how he was able to successfully make multiple streams of income!

Here is an very insightful interview with Sky Magician


Here are a few Pro-tips from Sky Magican:

  • You have to really love what you do, otherwise it’s just going to be a chore and you’ll eventually just get tired of it.



  • When you first start it’s going to be hard to get the contracts in, you have to continue building yourself and never be afraid to ask.


  • We all have financial commitments and responsibilities, so whatever you’re doing stick with it and pursue your love on top of that. Don’t just jump ship, do both because you need money coming in. And when you feel your new project is building, you’re realizing an income stream and if you feel the time is right, then you can jump ship.


    • And lastly, if you eat clean you think clean!


💜 Thank you so much to our fabulous podcast guest SKY MAGICIAN. Check his website for more details about him

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