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10 important things to do when you’re pregnant!

Before you have a child you have NO IDEA how much it impacts your life! The most annoying thing is that no-one told me how the little simple things we take for granted become a time consuming mission. Like leaving the house!

Here’s my list of the 10 most important things you need to do when you’re pregnant – please do them!

  1. Sleep
    • As soon as you give birth you wish you slept more throughout your whole life! I really don’t know how I survived in those first 6 months – I don’t think I slept at all for the first month. I had to breastfed my son every two hours day AND NIGHT! That’s why I must really emphasize this to you – please relax and sleep as much as you can.
  2. Eat
    • This is the only time in your life that you can eat more with it actually being good for you. Now I don’t mean stuff your face with junk but the odd slice of chocolate cake here and there really is not going to harm anybody. I truly believe if you eat well while pregnant then your child will have better eating habits. Plus its good for you and baby. I had cravings for melted cheese on toast whilst pregnant – my son is now obsessed with cheese!
  3. Go out
    • This is important for YOU! When you’re angel arrives you can’t just go out, and I don’t mean raving, even a little two minute trip to the shops becomes a mission. Go out for meals, walks, little trips with your partner or friends. Have fun!
  4.  Get prepared early
    • My son was a month early and I didn’t have anything for him when he was born. No car seat, no pushchair, no nappies – NOTHING! Start doing your research early on different products. Enjoy buying all the essentials your baby will need. Remember not to go OTT as you’ll need to buy lots more things when your baby is born.

    Free pregnancy products

  5.  Sign up
    • FREE stuff is waiting for you! Get the best deals and sign up to baby club newsletters from Tesco, Sainsburys, Boots, Pampers etc – not only will they send you discounts, you’ll also get free products for signing up. I wish I signed up to all of them when I was expecting.
  6.  Lie Ins!
    • My son is 4 years old and I have not had a lie in for this long. Your child really does not care if s/he wakes you up at 6am on a Sunday. Take these 9 months of pregnancy to have nice lie ins and watch films in bed – you’ll look back and thank yourself that you did.
  7.  Alone time
    • I still need alone time now even though my son is a toddler and I will probably need alone time until he moves out! If I don’t get time to myself, I go crazy. Its so important to have time to think and clear your mind without hearing screaming, crying or Gangnam style being sung all day long!
  8. Work
    • Okay okay, I know I said you need to relax but I also wish I spent more time on fun work things like updating my blog. I started VIPregnancy when I was pregnant but since then its been on and off for the last few years. I actually thought my life would be the same after I gave birth – how wrong was I!
      Feeling a little demotivated about work and your career? Then watch my videos with life coach Anita Dhanjal – we talk about focusing on your dreams. Just because you’re about to become a parent it doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil your ambitions – YOU CAN DO IT

  9.  Pictures
    • This is something I missed out on. I didn’t take any pictures throughout my pregnancy (except the one above, just before I popped) and I don’t even know how much weight I put on. All I know is that my boobs went from a A cup to a Double D – I miss my big boobs! Having a record of pictures throughout your pregnancy is great for the memories and you can also show your little one as they get older – they’ll be fascinated to see where they used to live in your tummy!
  10. Feel Fabulous
    • Look after yourself. When your little one arrives, your whole life will be consumed by this tiny little person. Take the time now to relax and pamper yourself. You don’t need to go out for an expensive makeover; Watch cheesy films, paint your nails (paint your toenails near the start of pregnancy as by the end you won’t even by able to see your feet!) Spend time feeling great about yourself.


Have a happy and healthy pregnancy 🙂 see you on the other side!

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